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Voice(Moksori) Part 4 Eng Subs [Korean Horror Movie]

Genre: Horror/Thriller Director: Equan Choe Starring: Seo Ji-Hye, Kim Ok-bin, Cha Ye-ryun, Kim Seo-Hyung runtime: 1 hr 45 mins Released By: Shaw & Festive Films Sypnosis: After Wishing Stairs comes Voice. One day, a quiet but talented singer student named Young-eon gets killed by a mysterious voice. Soon after her disappearance, her best friend, Sun-min starts to hear her voice. Frightened at first, Sun-min tries to help her friend. But she is not the only one who hears Young-eons voice. Cho-ah, another student, the dead can be heard since childhood, says he hears voices and someone elses Young-eons

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200 Pounds Beauty

200 Pounds Beauty is an enlightened heart Korean comedy that transmits a message to the public really.

Over a very fat girl named Hanna (played by Kim Ah Joong), the song is really good, but obviously not attractive, so they could be just a singer "ghost" to Ammy. Hanna could be to sing behind the scenes, while Ammy would be the person, reproduction, and on stage. Hanna is played secretly in love with Sang-June (Joo Jin-mo), the operatorfor Ammy, but dared not confess to him. Then one day, Hanna Ammy humiliated by hearing a bad joke and the words of Hanna couple of her during the conversation between June and Sang-Ammy, decided to do a full body makeover / plastic surgery.

HAF Hannah disappeared for a year for the operation, so that the career of singer Ammy in difficulty to realize its kind capable of doing. After surgery, Hanna has a complete transformation and it was a beautiful girl that makes boys swoonon them. Even her best friend could not recognize.

Sang-June, and the company wanted to find another good voice for Ammy, but could not find a suitable candidate until Hanna went for the audition. Hanna himself as Jenny Sang-June, June-Sang did not recognize it, but was prepared for her incredible voice and thinks it has the potential to be a singer. Have thus become a singer known as Jenny, and she assumed the role of Jenny, from all his pastbehind her.

The film is about plastic surgery and put them in a new light. It shows how the success of plastic surgery to give the confidence of a lady and the big difference in treatment received by an ugly woman vs. attractive. The exaggerated response of the boys on attractive Hanna, which reflects how people are fictitious and superficial. So ugly is not a crime, but we will bring a great benefit.

Except that the film is also the messageis important not to forget himself, and the identity and also their family and friends.

After the intervention, stocks are no WAN has to find its identity the past, so they told the people who have a real / authentic beauty. Apart from the fact that she no longer visits his father, who is in hospital (his father is healthy, in general, but seems to be suffering from dementia). Ammy suspicion that "Jenny" Hanna, after a conversation he had with Hanna.

When an accident has led Ammy AnnasTo be a father to a ceremony in the hope that revealed the identity, but would not confirm his father unexpectedly Hanna. My good friend was his way of dealing with the father and also by the change in attitude and behavior of Hanna following their activities, so their friendship was far more troubled. Sang-June is the true identity of Hannah and finally found Ammy threatened the company, sending a picture of the past, "said Hanna, Hanna, and that the identity, will showPublic.

Hanna's true identity became known to the company, and can be imposed to prevent the harm to society, when the news spread, the chief wanted to cancel large-scale concert Hanna, which was adopted instead in the next day to an album Photo by Hanna porno shares so that the company has more money that can make possible. This is strongly influenced by the objections Sang-June, and has pressed for the place concert Hanna.

Hanna concert was held as scheduled, but onknew that her father, Hanna does not control her emotions after her father was excited and wanted to be placed on safety.
Hanna is a confession on stage and told the audience that once a bad girl who sang behind the scenes, but managed to Jenny that I am now, after his speech. However, he said that in the process of becoming Jenny, has lost its true nature and identity. NoE are no longer who she is and she is like an empty shell whose soul is lost inTrial.

His speech touched on the public and the first few pages later. He has won over fans and anti-fans (a very serious problem of the Korean celebrities like these anti-fans are really crazy and might even do things they could), the characters do not like them no harm, coated.

Hanna has made a heartfelt speech I pulled down a bit 'and it's really the importance of us live our lives and our recognition and acceptance of ourselves as who we are to highlight it. Besides the fact thatHanna has done a good friend's father took care of Hanna Hanna and dis recognize him as Hannah went to find the boy and beat the man after the man threw his friend on board what they are trying to commit suicide showed us the Department of friendship and friends as it is true that we always help in times of need.

I was very aware of the Kim Ah Joong acted surprised, is an actress and singer does not become an actress, as you can really sing! The soundtrack of the filmvery funny and I especially like Maria Kim Ah Joong (the song is the beginning of the post embedded). Kim Ah Joong corner looks quite nice indeed, and his career as an actor in the film was not bad.

While all in all, 200 pounds of beauty fun comedy that is worth observing. It is not just some stupid comedy, but also conveys messages meaningful to the public.

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Valentine's Day in Japan and Korea

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14. February is a day with a deer-related pairs of eyes, romance, and a flourishing business for florists. But the origins of Valentine's Day is rather tragic - A legend tells that he is a priest, the Roman law that prohibited marriage for young men who defied Emperor Claudius II, as we suspect, since only men, where the soldiers better than married men. But when it emerged that he had secretly married young couples, was executed the priest Valentine.

Here are a coupleEast Asian takes on Valentine's Day in Japan and Korea.


A variant of the unique Valentine's Day has created here in Japan, where women expect gifts - gifts to the ladies rather than men - the men in their imagination. The gifts are usually exquisitely wrapped chocolates that bear the thought of women into account. Is there a name for these chocolates - giri-choko (or obligation) chocolate. But a month later than March 14, humans have beneficiaryto return the favor in the form of white chocolate softens March. Is not it interesting? Nowadays, it is not confined between the couples in advertising. Giving more laps choco-platonic guy friends like sweets and chocolate are known Tomo (friend or chocolate).


On 11 November of each year, many young couples celebrate "Pepero Day. The name of this day is the name of a popular snack stick biscuits. Here in Korea, includes Pepero Day ExchangeSnacks, sweets and other gifts. Singles have not been forgotten. April 14 also celebrated by them together, and always eat a noodle dish moves in white and black bean sauce, bring happiness to signify their love life.

So if you're not Japanese or Korean friends to celebrate this Valentine's Day theme party with them as a sign of your friendship. I'm sure will be thrilled.

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Not too much nor too little. Add a little drama to the day! * All products are listed in the video. Enjoy =)

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Watch Korean Drama

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Asian Media culture has really known throughout the entertainment industry is now in the world. See so many people in the Korean drama, it seems as if he means only for Koreans (of course not, that it should). Everywhere you go, there are communities in the district to find its members, fewer repetitions of episodes of the new being of almost every night. Local media industries from different countries to purchase copies of these episodesthe original manufacturer and have been translated into local languages and broadcast by local television stations enjoyed for their audience.

Korean dramas, of course, originally broadcast in the Korean language. But because these dramas are broadcast in different countries, the local entertainment industry are required to translate two general types found on these shows. First, via voice-over, where the local network leased line voice talent to say that the translated version of whatactors in the show say that in Korean, so that when the actors speak the voice is synchronized and it seems as if they speak in their mother tongue. Then there is the method of captioning in which captions nets placed in their own language so that viewers can see the translated text at the bottom of the screen, what happens next. In any case, helps the audience that you can enjoy the Korean drama shows to see more.

Korean dramas, you can now all over the world to be seen. Copies will be soldIn most multi-media and can also be the Internet, with a translation into the language of your choice.

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